Chocolates for Corporates

Shibani's offer a range of corporate
gifts adapted to what your target does not expect to receive, gifts that stand above the rest.

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Our Store

Shibanis first flagship store is situated at
rajpath club s.g.highway ahmedabad.

Youth and dynamism is a successful combination for any new business, this belief is strongly held by "shibani" owner of "shibanis chocolatz". shibani has already carved a long path for the brand with a single definite vision in her mind, giving the customers the best worth for their money. she achieves this by constantly redefining packaging, flavors and most importantly "shibanis" brand value. having many dreams to realise and path to tread ahead, she buckles up for new ventures and challenges.

Exclusive recipes and extraordinary raw materials, which have never been altered by chemical processes or preservatives, are the key point of "shibani's" success.